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In the 2 day Introduction to Textured Hair Workshop you will learn all things curly & coily. We cover hair history, product knowledge, styling techniques, lacefront wig application and braiding techniques. You will get the chance to work on live models and walk out with more confidence and an understanding of what goes into curly & coily hair styling.



In the Art of Fading Workshop you will learn barbering techniques with clippers and a razor that are used on curly & coily textures to create the gradient style, also known as a Fade.



In the Mens Facial Grooming Workshop you will learn techniques on how to groom facial hair/beards.

Students are asked to bring 1 model to work on.



His precise hair techniques have graced the pages of Allure, Essence Magazine,Numero, Refinery 29,  The Zoe Report, New York Magazine, Vogue and so many more. With clients such as Solange, Lizzo, Usher, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and nearly every “It” girl on the scene, Kendall Dorsey, a true beauty innovator, has captivated the industry. 

With nearly 15 years of beauty know-how under his belt and a long-time Oribe Hair Care educator, Kendall’s background in hair instruction sets him apart in all aspects of his artistry.  “The respect I have for the art of hairdressing shines through all aspects of my work and is embedded in every detail.” 

From New York to Miami and LA and abroad; Kendall has worked on it all with glamourous results with the best knowhow in the business, “Simply love what you do and the rest will shine through. Making men and women feel good about themselves is my purpose and educating myself daily on new trends and techniques is my passion.”

One of the best in his field, Kendall’s hair cutting techniques, color application and wig care has stricken a chord with the public and beauty world, and has made Kendall one of the most sought after, young hair dressers in his field. 

A man of many talents, from working backstage at Fashion Week, to creating looks for A list album covers and seeing private clients at his Hair Atelier, The Livingroom, Kendall continues to create hair magic, “I created The Livingroom to give clients both on the celebrity level and private clients an opportunity to be enriched in their beauty experience without the clutter of the outside world. In a city that never sleeps, we created a beautiful calm and serene beauty enriched home.”

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